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One of the key reasons for SCA applying to go on the Mentorsme Portal was its desire to share the knowledge and expertise of its team members with aspiring business entrepreneurs. It recognises that in the region of Black Country, there are a lot of businesses who will benefit from having business mentors.

Some of us will recall instances on TV or Radio when members of the public falls into a trap of financial hardship or get into one trouble of a kind or another, he/she is referred to the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) or the like Agencies for assistance.

At the same time, when businesses fall into difficulties, it becomes complicated how to help them or who they will need to call upon for assistance.

The issue here remains, whether there is proper signposting as in the other social incidence or not; the question remains whether the businesses seek the appropriate avenues to resolve the business problems.

Another is whether such places exist to resolve such problem or not. There is preconceived notion that it is going to be a wasted effort if you venture into searching for such help for your business.

This is where a business mentor can play a vital role. Through effective matching, a mentee would go a long way to resolving his/her business problems.

The individual who put him/herself forward as a mentor knows in their mind that they have a lot to offer as well as gain.

Organisations that deliver business mentoring recognise that there are businesses out there that may benefit from this service.

The major issue is administering the process of matching mentees to mentors with its cost implications and time consuming.

Just as individuals go to CAB for domestic/personal issues, so also businesses should seek out these mentoring organisations such as SCA to make use of the expertise they offer at a minimum cost.

It has been the buzzword about lack of finance for business in recent times, but in some cases, several issues may need to be resolved before the issue of finance.

A Business mentor will assist you deal with these underlying issues before tackling the issues of finance.

Through the mentoring programme offered by SCA and other related organisations, the problem facing a business is dealt with at no higher cost.

We are confident that, after many years of working as business Advisers at different levels of business support, we can assist anyone looking to manage their business issues with minimum fuss.

The other issue such as inadequate research, haphazard business plan, little vision, and understanding of the industry you are in, are a few of the journey needed to be navigated to be able to have a seamless operation.

You are better-off arming yourself with the knowledge working with our mentors on how to deal with the above issues and then embark on tackling other business challenges.

Our mentoring programme will go a long way to offer this much needed supports.

Mentoring will reveal several options on how to deal with these identified business issues without excessive expense.

Sam Duru

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