Social Enterprise


Key Objectives:

  • To develop the business enterprise culture of participants
  • To build awareness around business principles and processes
  • To encourage a business plan development

The Course

The course is designed to build a framework of Business in the Community and encourage Social Enterprises to embrace fully business attributes to the day-to-day running of their Social Enterprise.

To change the mindset of Social Entrepreneurs to reasonable return on asset to the benefit of their Communities rather them shareholder.

To work towards environmental ethics.

To bring about understanding the market and applications of mainstream marketing strategies to Social Enterprise.

To learn how to network with other Social Enterprises and where to get the necessary support.

The topics covered are as follow

  • Business Framework
  • Changing Cultural Awareness
  • Business Principles and processes
  • Business Planning Models


Participants will gain confidence in running a successful Social Enterprise and how to set-up from scratch as well as network.

The Course Leader: Mr Stephen Brooks

The course leader is an experienced professional in Social Enterprise and has been a Director of a Social Enterprise organization who knows how to motivate clients to take positive actions.

Dates & Times

Fridays from 1800-2100

  • Additional dates will be notified as necessary

The course will run for four weeks, three hours per session once a week.

The fee is £400 for the four sessions.

Click here to download booking form.

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