Raising and Managing your Finance


Key Objectives:

  • To help participants understand the various means of raising finance for their business or organization
  • To streamline the requirement of financial support to the appropriate level
  • To take advantage of external sources of finance as opposed to internal source.
  • To know where and how to make decisions for the right finance.
  • To manage the finance available to the business

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The Course:

The course will focus on the analysis of your key financial requirement and seek to offer best alternatives.

It will create the understanding of why you may need additional finance for your business and why.

It will show you how to be successful in your search  for financial support.

It will attempt to remove the myths about the lack of support from various financial institutions .

It will show participants how to seek the right finance for their business.

The topics covered are:

  • Understanding aspects of Business Finance
  • Key Requirement for Lenders
  • Business Planning Models
  • Regulatory Systems relating to finance
  • Managing your finance including Full Cost Recovery


Participants on the course will gain a better knowledge and understanding of how to seek financial support for their business.

The Course Leader: Mr. Abraham Achiampong FCCA

The course leader is a qualified Management Accountant and with previous experience of seeking and raising finance from major organizations and Institutions. He is knowledgeable in the process of seeking finance  for business.

Dates & Times

The duration of the training would be four weeks spread, once a week and three hours per session.

Mondays from 0930-1230 Hours

  • Additional dates will be notified as necessary

The fee for the course is £400 and likely to go up

We welcome an input from financial institutions.

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