Marketing including Social Networking & e-Commerce


Key Objective:

  • To maximize your marketing budget
  • To learn how not to waste money on unnecessary marketing and advertising
  • Understand how Social Networking works and their uses for your business

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The Course:

The course is built around practical exercises and case studies of existing marketing strategies as well as individual experiences.

You will be able to learn the key issues around e-commerce as well as the benefits of investing on an e-commerce site.
It will aim at encouraging participants towards appropriate mechanisms of marketing without excessive spending.

It will direct participants to the Social networks that work for business and their implications

It will cover such topics as;

  • Direct Marketing Versus Social Network
  • Maximizing your e-Commerce options
  • E-Commerce marketing approaches including how to optimize your existing Website.
  • Selling your products profitably

The course is for those looking to explore new ways of reaching the market as well as new businesses examining various options for reaching their customers.

It will be run over four weeks for three hours each time. The spacing out of the course is to allow participants to explore some of the issues as presented on the course.

As many businesses are yet to take advantage of this marketing approach, it is high time to let someone in the know take you through how your business could benefit from social network


At the end of the course, you will be able to realize the missing link in your marketing strategies and how you can create new market for your business.

Course Leader: Mr. Sam Duru MIC &  Guest

Your course leader is someone who understands the benefits of Marketing, e-Commerce and Social Networking and a member of a former member of Chartered Institute of Marketing

Dates & Times

Wednesdays From 1800-2100 hours

  • Additional dates will be notified as necessary

The fee is £400 and is changeable.

Click here to download booking form.

Good Luck


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