Investment Appraisal & Procurement process


Key Objectives

  • To show you how to analyze your return on investment
  • To encourage you to make a better investment Decisions
  • To encourage you on how to build up your investment and how best to manage your Assets with an acceptable return on your Investment.

The Course:

The course is designed to empower participants to invest wisely their monies with an acceptable return on investment.

It is aimed at individuals who seek appropriate means of realizing the values of their assets by considering an investment instruments commensurate with their wealth.

The course will enable first time investors to consider the options available for them without undue pressure

The course will be suitable for people who have little or no knowledge of Investments and decisions relating to investments.

This course completely excludes trading in stocks

The topics covered are:

  • Analysis of Assets
  • Managing Risks
  • Decision Making on Investments
  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Investment


Participants will gain first – hand knowledge of how the investment market works as well as become more confident in risks and investing wisely.

Course Leader: Mr. Sam Duru – Mgt. Accountant (CIMA)

The course leader is a Chartered Accountant and experienced in the investment analysis and knows how to take a step-by–step approach to understanding the processes of deciding on the best options for your financial investment.

Dates & Times


  • 1800-2100 hours
  • Additional dates may arranged to suit the participants

The course will run for four weeks, once a week, and three hours each session.
The fee is £800 and is likely to change in future

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