Information Technology


Key Objectives

• To show participants how to minimize the amount of paper documentation in their office.
• To show how to make best use of your computer Hardware and Software
• To maximize the investment in information Technology in your business

The Course:

The course will revisit many aspects of information and the technological impact on a business as well as encourage participants to make best use of it in their day to day business activities.

It will help to analyze the need for information technology in everyday office activities.

It will touch on the myths of technology and attempt to show how it contributes to the best use and maximize the asset value.

It will show participants how to use various applications such for the benefit of the business.

Some of the topics include

  • Developing your paperless Office
  • Best use of Hardware & Software
  • Maximizing Office Packages


Participants on the course will benefit from a new found proficiency in using Hardware and Software especially the latest applications.

Course Leader: Mr. Vincent Ugboh MSC

Your course leader is a qualified IT professional who knows how to apply information technology to business.

Dates & Times

Thursday 0930-1230 Hours

  • Additional dates may be arranged

The course will run for four weeks, one three hour session per week at a venue to be advised.
The fee is £400 for the four sessions and is likely to change.

Click here to download booking form.

Good Luck


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