Human Resources


Key Objective

  • To understand the hiring and firing of staff
  • To appreciate the values of staff as a resource for a business/organization
  • To understand the employment Law as it affect your business/organization

The Course

The course will aim to show participants ways of saving money for your organization by sensible employment policies.

The course will deal with such issues as pay and reward as well as how to avoid litigation as result of ignorance of employment laws.

The topics covered are:

  • Employing Staff & Retaining them
  • Performance Evaluation & Remuneration
  • Developing alternative employment options
  • Employment Law


At the end of the course participants will be able to feel confident about their recruitment processes and understand the pitfalls in employment law.

You will also be clearer at the other recruitment opportunities available as well as apprenticeships, graduate placements Volunteering and other options.

The Course Leader: Mr. Owen Brown MBA (Human Resources)

The course Leader is someone who is qualified in Human Resources Management and understands employment law and knows how to support businesses through recruitment processes.

Dates & Times

Mondays From 0930-1230 Hours

  • Additional dates will be notified as necessary

The course will be delivered over Three and Half weeks, and three hours each session.
The fee is £400 and is likely to change

Click here to download booking form.

Good Luck


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