Business Transformation Master-Class



Key Objectives

  • To show how your business can be transformed from whatever level it is in, to a higher level.
  • To show that no business is meant to fail and when it does, how to start again
  • To show how to develop exit strategies and succession plan.
  • To enable participants ‘Think outside the Box’

The Course:

The Master-Class will be aimed at Managers and Companies owners looking to steer their business operation towards developing new opportunities as well as thinking out of the Box.

The course will be challenging to individuals to look at several options open to them to assist in the transformation of their business.

It will bring about a higher level thinking and the potential for growth.

It may also bring about a consideration of best practice and development of new Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking.

You may be able to move your business towards higher achievements

The course will also enhance the level of strategic objectives in your business.

All our Courses are for Four weeks one day three hours.

The topics covered are:

  • Development of Alternative Business Strategies (ABS)
  • Development of Strategic options
  • Setting higher goals to achieve objectives
  • Resource application and Rationalisation


The benefit of this course will be measured in line with the level confidence participants built up to enable them take the necessary strategic actions to transform their business.

The Course Leader: Paul Udenze MBA, MIOD

The course leader is an individual with a lot of business transformational experience, former Chief Exec of the DRUM Theatre in Birmingham and currently Chief Exec of a multi-million Chemical Company – Brtchem Products Ltd. He is ready to assist participants to achieve their goals.

Dates & Times

The course will be taken through a four weeks period, once a week and three hours per session. Participants will be treated in the right manner and allowed to express themselves and develop appropriate relationships. It will be interactive enough to merit its level of interaction.

Tuesdays: from 0930-1230 Hours

We are flexible with with the course arrangement.

  • These dates are changeable depending on intake

Course Fee:

Thel fee for the course is 200 per session and is likely to change in subsequent schedules.
There is additional information about the course in general on our website

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