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SCA Consulting

SCA Management Consulting is a company that provides support, advice, and professional guidance to potential and existing businesses in their journey of development and growth.

It has partners with expertise in Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Marketing, Strategic Management, Mentoring, Procurement, Human Resources, and Property Management.

Our Consultants are experienced and qualified in supporting enterprises of all kinds and helping them grow their business.

Our Principal Activities include: In-depth business development analysis (BDA) and Action Plan (AP); Project management; Business control systems and strategic development; and Business growth awareness Training.

We also support clients seeking to raise finance through various financial Institutions or government business grants by producing a business plan.

We deliver a professional service around Business Development Analysis to enable businesses take the right decision for their business thereby helping them realise value for their investment.

Our training will demystify all the myths about setting and running a business in all sectors of industry.

Our training will empower potential and new business owners whether a small sole trader, a social enterprise, or a manufacturing company to run their business smoothly.

Our training will lead you in the right direction to achieving your ultimate aims and enabling you to have a seamless running of your affairs.

Our training will also provide you with essential tools required to set-up and run your business.

We will also provide you with an ongoing support for some time to get you going.

If you are considering carrying out an in-depth review of your business activities for a major decision-making, contact us for a discussion on how we can assist you fulfil your objectives.

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