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What is business mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship to support you through all stages of running a business, in order to achieve your business and personal goals.

Working with a business mentor, you can achieve better performance through clarity and focus. Imagine having an experienced, empathetic and objective guide to help you prioritise what needs doing, avoid detours, and maintain the right work-life balance.
The aim of SCA MC is to help you run and grow your business according to your financial, social and personal goals


How does mentoring work?

  • There’s no preset arrangement. Rather than offering a rigid program to follow, rather we will tailor the programme around your purposes in business and in life.
  • Typically we may meet face to face on a monthly basis, and have regular contact by telephone and email.
  • The process starts with understanding where you’re at and where you would like to take your business, your ambitions and goals, motivation and drivers and what level of mentoring works well with your objectives, time and budget.

How much would cost you?

Ideally, it will cost you a fraction of what you achieve from the programme. If you sign up for a period of time, the cost will equate to such time frame depending on the task involved.
We shall negotiate with you when you contact us.

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Simply contact us via the email address on the website and we shall get back to you. Check us out on the