Providing Business Development

Who we are?

SCA is a Management Consultancy Service providing Business Development Support to new and existing small Enterprises worldwide looking to grow their business activities.

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More About Us!

If you’re a start-up looking to develop a business plan or improve your existing business strategies or find a new route to market thereby increasing profitability, we have the requisite expertise to work with you to achieve your vision.

If you’re looking to commission a management development project, or need professional advice on specific issues concerning your business finance, our Consultants are well equipped to assist you realise your dreams.

We are also an accredited Enterprise Mentoring organisation. Please visit Mentorsme portal website

Why You Should Work With Us

Our Consultants comprise of Accountants, ex-Bankers, Procurement Professional and Human Resources experts with combined experience in excess of 125 years spanning across different industrial disciplines.

We can develop a bespoke Business Development Solution as well as other group-think solution where necessary.

We have training courses and workshops aimed specifically at start-ups as well as established SMEs

Other Business Activities

We offer other services such as Business Awareness training, Business Planning & Marketing, Financial Control Strategies & Implementation

Overall we provide adequate tools to manage your business.  We also assist in the launching of your new business or products if that’s what you require.


We are highly competitive and promise 100% satisfaction at all times. You will receive an offer of immediate face-to-face consultation, virtually if that is what you want with a member of our team to fully establish your requirements and provide you with a package of proposal to deal with your issues.

We will save you time as well as provide you with aftercare services.  We will collaborate where necessary with other professionals to provide a complete business support.

Our Objective

SCA will continuously update its Consultants through CPD to rival any comparable Consultancy organizations in the UK.

It takes greater interest on high growth businesses looking to expand its offer.

It constantly develops its technical and innovative knowledge to meet the ever-changing demand of our clients.

It is working towards breaking into Europe and other Countries around the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is greater value in providing a timely service which will enhance PROFITABILITY.

We will deliver Master-Classes to support our high growth clients to achieve more.